Shift Your Focus From Oversight To Leadership

If you want to make a positive impact, you need to look beyond prevention – focus more on how you and your board can help those in your organization become more, rather than less than what they were at the point of their employment.

Heartfelt leadership is a human-centred approach to governance and leadership. It’s about casting a wider net to profit and growth, it’s looking beyond the short term, and it’s a common understanding that our workplace plays a significant role in the health, happiness and resilience of society.

When we seek to improve, rather than just prevent or mitigate, we are moving beyond a risk management approach to a regenerative approach where we have greater opportunity to make a positive intergenerational impact.

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#43 If You Consider Yourself Open-minded, This May Surprise You – FREE DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCE

Our paradigms, mental models and mindsets can insulate us from learning and seeing red flags through what’s called a Reflexive Loop. It’s an unconscious bias that can reaffirm how well our or how ‘right’ our inner voice is, and subconsciously prevent us from listening to alternative ways of understanding things. In this video I’ll explain how the Reflexive Loop works and a tool to expose your assumptions, values and beliefs in a constructive way – FREE GUIDE AVAILABLE.


#41 Two Paradigms that Dominate Your Boardroom and Influence Your Behaviour

In this video I’ll explain two paradigms that dominant our boardrooms in terms of the way work gets done and they are influencing the questions board members ask about safety and health, but only one is going to support safe and healthy work and help you make a positive impact.

red flags

#39 Your Board Might be Missing Red Flags. This is Why

In this week’s video I talk about why we often see significant events as something unique; that is, we try to find some quirk or practice that can separate us from those who have erred or failed. The risk is that we don’t learn or see the red flags in our own organisation.

Dreamworld tragedy - part 2

#38 What Does the Dreamworld Tragedy Tell Us About Board Competency in Safety (Part 2)

Most organisations after a tragedy will focus on updating the safety management system, but there will be a point when the system looks good on paper, but the board will still be at risk of influencing adverse events if members don’t understand what creating safety really involves, and their role in it. In this video I outline some key principles that should be in any board members’ professional development in safety leadership and governance.

Vlog 37 Dreamworld thunder river rapids ride

#37 What Does the Dreamworld Tragedy Tell Us About Board Competency in Safety (Part 1)

The coroner’s report into the Dreamworld tragedy highlights significant gaps in the competency of workers and technical experts, but nothing on the competency of the board. In Part 1 of this 2-part series I look at the coroner’s comments of a careless and negligent board and dive into whether the board was actually careless or was it more a lack of competency in safety leadership and governance?



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