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#47 Why Organizations Fail Precisely Because They’re Doing Well – Part 2

This is Part 2 in a 4-part series on a concept called Drift. When an organisation “drifts into failure”, adverse events like illness, injury, fatalities can happen without anything breaking, without anybody erring, without anybody violating the rules they consider relevant. I’ll provide you with some proactive and reactive steps that you can take to monitor for early warning signs of drift.

#45 It’s Time to Add Reciprocity to Your Business Model

#44 Five Human Needs that Must be Met In Order to Support Mental Health at Work

A good place to start when looking to understand mental health hazards is to first understand our needs; that is, what human needs must be met in order to provide a psychologically safe and healthy workplace? Then work backwards to see how those needs might be impeded. In this video, I’ll walk you through 5 basic human needs that must be met if you’re to cultivate a psychologically safe and healthy workplace.


#43 If You Consider Yourself Open-minded, This May Surprise You – FREE DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCE

Our paradigms, mental models and mindsets can insulate us from learning and seeing red flags through what’s called a Reflexive Loop. It’s an unconscious bias that can reaffirm how well our or how ‘right’ our inner voice is, and subconsciously prevent us from listening to alternative ways of understanding things. In this video I’ll explain how the Reflexive Loop works and a tool to expose your assumptions, values and beliefs in a constructive way – FREE GUIDE AVAILABLE.